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How much is your time worth? Ever wanted to learn how to do something but didn't have the time to search through a manual? Other people can do it, but you don't know how. Ever been so totally confused by a computer problem that you didn't know where to go for help? Or the answer confuses you more. You can Google search the problem to your heart's content, but do you know what search words to use? Think of the time you could save if you had an expert show you how.

There are many things that can be explained or walked through in a simple phone call. Or would you just like to be guided through a tech problem in a caring, patient manner so that you learn a little something while getting your issue addressed. Save time - call me.

First, we'll have a conversation by phone or email about the problem. Next, order from the following Nurturing Phone Tech support options:

Ten Minutes Phone and Remote Computer Support

Twenty Minutes Phone and Remote Computer Support

Thirty Minutes Phone and Remote Computer Support

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